Frequently Asked Questions

What is WorkPod?

WorkPod is a coworking space dedicated to women with the focus on helping women to explore and create their passion while surrounded by like-minded and inspring women. WorkPod offers more than just workspace, wifi and coffee. WorkPod offers a community for women to support and inspire one another.
Besides from a charming space and it's location, WorkPod also offers a wide range of events.


Why should I join WorkPod?

WorkPod thrive in providing members (both coworking space and community) a space where women can pursue their dreams and passion. We also thrive in building a community of empowering women who are happy to support and challenge one another to fully realise each and everyone's potential.
Besides that, WorkPod is designed with the needs and comfortability of women closely kept in mind. Thus, we have made the space to be stylish and empowering - enabling you to feel at home and productive.


How does membership work?

We focus in offering flexibility to any lady who wants to be apart of WorkPod and we want to create community. Therefore, for example if you decide to purchase the Nomad 10 membership, you can come to the space ten times on any day in the calendar of the month during opening days / hours.


Is there a commitment for membership?

In order to build a strong and supportive community, it is important for each member to get to know one another. For this reason, every membership requires a 6-month commitment.
Come to work and stay for the people! We are sure you will love the space and the community.


How do I pay for my membership to WorkPod?

When you purchase a membership with WorkPod, we will set up a recurring payment program for you via credit card. Invoice occurs every 1st of the month.


How can we visit the space before purchasing a membership?

You are welcome to tour our space by setting up an appointment with us here.


What amenities that are provided to the member?

All members will have access to WorkPod’s kitchenette equipped with coffee, tea, water and snacks. We also provide printer for members who need to have a quick access to printer. Shall you need to print more than 20 pieces of documents monthly, please head down to Migros / La Poste. WorkPod members also have access to free and discounted events monthly.


Are male allowed at WorkPod?

Currently, the membership is strictly for women. For Nomad Full and Resident members, you are allowed to bring in male guest to the space with the condition they stay in the lounge area provided.

Access to Nomad and Resident spaces is strictly prohibited out of respect to other members at the space.


Can I talk on the phone or is there a designated phone area?

We have two lounge areas for taking calls, meetings, skype calls, brainstorming sessions, etc. Our space is not meant to be silent like a library but we do ask you to keep a considerate noise level. Due to the nature of the space (open space), WorkPod is not ideal for those who are working as tele-sales or other phone-intensive work, where you need to be on the phone all day.